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What Is It?
If you've ever pulled the stopper in a sink full of water and watched the water swirl down the drain, you have seen one example of a vortex. Simply put, it is an energetic swirling mass. Another more extreme example of a vortex is the tornado, one of the most powerful forces in nature.  One of the methods used to create and control vortices inside your engine is the vortex generator.
The Vortec Cyclone™ is the result of years of computer-aided and wind tunnel tested research into the beneficial effects of controlled vortices. It is simply the best vortex generator on the market.
Specifically, your Vortec Cyclone™ is a non-moving vortex generator that fits inside the air intake hose of your car's engine. It creates a swirling cyclone of air within the combustion chamber, leading to better airflow, increased fuel atomization and more efficient combustion. The end result is a boost in horsepower, increased gas mileage and reduced emissions. The product has no moving parts and is made of high-grade stainless steel for a lifetime of increased performance and fuel economy.
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"I was skeptical about your claims, but I figured, hey, what's the risk with a money back guarantee? I must say, using is believing! My '95 Taurus hasn't performed this well in years, and I'm definitely getting better mileage. My advice to anyone looking at this product is to give it a try--what have you got to lose? "
-- Bud Chambers, Orlando, FL More Testimonials
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