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If you buy a Turbonator™, you will definitely get a boost in horsepower and gas mileage. But the Original Vortec Cyclone will deliver a better quality product at a lower price. Consider these advantages:

VORTEC CYCLONE IS HIGHER QUALITY – The Turbonator tested by our engineers appeared to have been hand-made using tin snips. The Vortec Cyclone is precision laser cut from high-grade stainless steel.
VORTEC CYCLONE : A NAME YOU CAN TRUST – The Internet has given people unprecedented access to goods, services and information. It has also spawned a large number of companies of questionable integrity, companies like Turbonator.

For example, Turbonator states, “Racing enthusiasts have used as many as 3 units.” They are lying. Our tests indicate that a third unit provides NO additional performance gains. Turbonator is just trying to scam you into buying extra units. Unfortunately, this is only one among several blatant lies and deceptions on their site.

Unlike Turbonator, our parent company is a real “bricks and mortar” automotive engineering firm with decades of experience in the automotive and racing industry. (Read more about us here) You can always count on us to provide honest answers to your questions and superlative customer service.
VORTEC CYCLONE HAS BETTER SERVICE – Turbonator’s Web site states that, “Due to high demand, regular delivery takes 2-3 weeks” The Vortec Cyclone usually ships within 1-2 business days. Turbonator will ship within 2 days too – if you are willing to pay extra. In fact, Vortec Cyclone has received better customer satisfaction ratings than nearly any other vendor on the Yahoo Store network. (Customers rate us on price, shipping, delivery, ease of purchase and customer service)
The bottom line is, why buy a cheap, hand-made knockoff when you can get the laser-tooled Vortec Cyclone for the same price, and better service to boot?

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