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If you buy a Tornado Fuel Saver™, you will definitely get a boost in horsepower and gas mileage. But the Original Vortec Cyclone will deliver better features at a lower price, and will save you hundreds of dollars more in the long run. Consider these advantages:

THE VORTEC CYCLONE COSTS LESS – The Tornado sells at retail outlets for $69. The lowest price we were able to find on the Internet was $49.95; most Web dealers sell for $54.95. Compare this to the Vortec Cyclone, which sells for $39.95, and only $29.95 for additional units. You can buy 2 Vortec Cyclones shipped right to your door, tax-free, for the same price as 1 Tornado at a retail store.
  Tornado Vortec Cyclone Savings
2 Units Total Cost* $99.95-$139.90 $69.95 30%-50%
* Includes Shipping and Handling; Tornado price shows a range of retail price to lowest available Internet price
WE SELL FACTORY-DIRECT – Many people ask how our product can cost so much less than Tornado. The reason is that we ship direct from the factory to you. Tornado only sells through third party dealers, who add their own costs and profit margin to the cost of the product.

THE VORTEC CYCLONE IS ADJUSTABLE – The Vortec Cyclone is adjustable to fit different size air hoses. This means that when you buy a new car or truck, you can take your Vortec Cyclone with you and re-adjust it to fit the new vehicle. With Tornado, you will have to buy a new unit. Over the years, this can cost you hundreds of dollars. Here’s an example showing how much more Tornado will cost you if you buy 2 units and change cars every 4 years:
  Vortec Cyclone (2 Units) Tornado (2 Units)
Total Cost Year 1 $69.95 $99.95 – $139.90
Total Cost Year 4 $69.95 $199.90 - $279.80
Total Cost Year 8 $69.95 $299.85 - $419.70
BETTER FEATURES – We believe that the Vortec Cyclone offers superior features and engineering design compared to the Tornado
ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTIONThe Vortec Cyclone is laser cut from a single sheet of high-grade stainless steel. The Tornado has fins that are spot-welded onto the unit. While we can’t say that they have ever had a problem, we certainly feel more comfortable knowing that our product has no small pieces that could break off and get into your engine.

OPEN AIRFLOW The fins on the Tornado intersect in the middle. The Vortec Cyclone has an open space in the middle, which our engineers believe contributes to superior airflow.

SOLID FINS – The Vortec Cyclone has solid fins for better air swirl. The Tornado has slots in the fins. They claim that this aids performance, but industry experts say that the slots were only added because of a patent battle between family members at Tornado. If slotted fins worked better, wouldn’t you expect to see them on fan blades or propellers?

LASER TOOLED –The Vortec Cyclone is precision laser cut, which costs much more than machine stamping. One of the advantages of laser-cut stainless is that there are no sharp edges. One Tornado distributor told us he needed to wear gloves when handling the Tornado to avoid being cut.
The bottom line is that Tornado makes a decent product that will produce results, but the Vortec Cyclone costs less, offers better features and will save you hundreds of dollars more over the life of the product.
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