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Save Gas
The price of gas is going up, up and away. With political tensions rising in the Middle East and South America, Gulf Coast oil refineries shut down and demand for oil skyrocketing in developing nations like China and India, there’s no telling how high gas prices will climb. Some experts are predicting that prices could rise as high as $4 or even $5 per gallon or more! Needless to say, this takes a big bite out of your monthly budget.

– Wouldn’t you rather put some of that money back in your own pocket instead of giving it to oil companies? We believe they make enough profits, and that you need the money more than they do. The Vortec Cyclone will give you an immediate mileage increase, allowing you to go further on a tank of gas and save hundreds of dollars. Results are guaranteed!

“Your product works great, and it gives me 24 miles to the gallon where as I would normally get 18 miles to the gallon. I tell everyone about this product. It is currently in my ’00 Ford Ranger and my ’02 Mustang.”
--Brian Randall, Hammond, LA More Testimonials

HOW MUCH WILL I GAIN? – Over the years we have received many testimonials from customers who have increased their mileage by 3 or even 4 miles per gallon or more. The average customer will see an increase of 1-2 MPG. Here are a few real world examples:

’06 Ford F150 17.2 MPG 19.8 MPG 15%
’05 Chrysler Van 20.2 MPG 23.1 MPG 14%
’94 Bonneville 19.0 MPG 22.0 MPG 16%
’04 Caravan 21.1 MPG 23.5 MPG 11%
’00 Ford Ranger 18.0 MPG 24.0 MPG 33%
’02 Mustang GT 19.5 MPG 24.2 MPG 24%
’00 Camry 25.2 MPG 26.7 MPG 6%
HOW MUCH MONEY WILL I SAVE? – While 1-2 MPG may not sound like a lot, the savings add up quickly. Depending on how much you drive, your new Vortec Cyclone will usually pay for itself within a few months. After that, you put money back in your pocket each and every time you fill up! Use this calculator to figure out how much money you will save. If you have 2 vehicles in your family, double the savings! Just imagine what you could do with the extra money.

How many miles do you drive per week? Miles Per Week
How many miles per gallon does your vehicle get now? MPG
How much does gas cost in your area? Per Gallon
Here's how much you will save!
  1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
1 MPG Improvement
2 MPG Improvement
3 MPG Improvement

HELP KEEP THE PLANET GREEN – Many experts in the scientific community are warning about the catastrophic impact of global warming. Automobile exhaust is a primary contributor to the greenhouse gasses that are believed to cause global warming. The Vortec Cyclone is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you believe in global warming or not, everyone agrees that burning less gas, decreasing our output of carbon dioxide and putting less harmful pollutants into the atmosphere is a good thing. But what if you need a truck, SUV or full size car, or you’re not prepared to go out and buy an expensive new hybrid vehicle? Now you can do your part to help save the planet by using the Vortec Cyclone! Not only will you use less gas and reduce your carbon output; your engine will run cleaner, reducing harmful emissions that pollute the environment.

HELP REDUCE OUR DEPENDENCY ON FOREIGN OIL – Our increasing dependence on foreign oil puts our economy and security at risk. In his 2007 State of the Union address, the President laid out an ambitious goal of reducing our oil consumption by 20% in the coming decade. Regardless of politics, this is a goal everyone can get behind. But how to accomplish it? The Vortec Cyclone is reporting for duty! If every car in the country were to install a Vortec Cyclone, it would take us a long way toward achieving the goal of energy self-sufficiency. By putting a Vortec Cyclone in your vehicle, you will be doing your part for national security.

How often do you get a chance to help the environment, strike a blow for national security and put money in your pocket, all at the same time? Don’t wait! For a limited time, you can get a Vortec Cyclone for only $39.95 and additional units for only $29.95 each. But hurry, this offer won’t last!
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