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Boost Horse Power
Maybe you’re trying to beat your personal best at the track or tune your street rod to smoke some fool off the line. Maybe you’re towing a boat or trailer and need a boost to get over the next hill. Or maybe you just want some extra power to safely merge onto the highway or pass a semi on a 2-lane road. The bottom line is that EVERYONE can use some extra horsepower, and the Vortec Cyclone delivers!
"You guys rock! I've spent thousands on my riced-out Civic, and this is the cheapest horsepower I've ever bought. I felt the boost right off the bat, and the dyno confirmed it--an extra 7 horsepower!"
-- Charlie Ng, San Jose, CA
HOW MUCH WILL I GAIN? – Over the years we have had testimonials from customers who have seen horsepower gains of up to 31%. Our average customer gains between 5-12 horsepower.
PROVEN RESULTS – Despite our own internal tests and feedback from customers showing that our product works, we still occasionally hear from skeptics who doubt that a vortex generator can produce real horsepower gains. So we decided to commission an independent testing lab in Canada to perform unbiased dyno tests on the Vortec Cyclone. Those tests showed significant gains in both horsepower and torque…here are the results

GET THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – While 5-12 HP may not sound like a lot compared to superchargers or turbochargers, the Vortec Cyclone is the least expensive horsepower money can buy, even without considering the money you’ll save on gas. Traditional forced air systems can cost thousands of dollars; the Vortec Cyclone is now only $39.95. Compare for yourself:

  Horsepower Gain Cost $ Per HP
(For Nissan 240SX)
85 HP $3,545 $42
(For Mustang GT)
104 HP $3,759 $36
K&N Cold Air Intake System 9 HP $215 $24
NX Nitrous System 52 HP $590 $11
Vortec Cyclone 10 HP $39 $4
WHY NOT DO BOTH? – Even if you’re looking for the larger horsepower gains that only a turbo or supercharger can provide, why not add a Vortec Cyclone and boost your results even more? Many customers have successfully coupled the Vortec Cyclone with superchargers, turbochargers and after-market air intake systems to maximize their horsepower gains. It’s not an either-or choice; you can have your cake and eat it too!
WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY? – Stig Bergman is world-class formula race car driver from Sweden with over two decades of open wheel racing experience on both sides of the Atlantic. Here’s what he has to say
“As a racer, I am very particular about the performance of my street cars. I use Vortec Cyclones to boost the power of all three of my vehicles, and the gas savings is a nice bonus. I highly recommend the Vortec Cyclone to anyone who is looking to add horsepower and save gas.”
The Vortec Cyclone will boost your horsepower, guaranteed, and by improving your gas mileage, it will actually put money in your pocket. Read More Here  Don’t wait! For a limited time, you can get a Vortec Cyclone for only $39.95, and additional units for only $29.95 each. But hurry, this offer won’t last!
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